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We just love Coffee!

Buongiorno, my name is Giorgio and the pleasure is all mine.​

I live in Italy, the birthplace of art and fashion, where taste and the love of beautiful things walk together arm in arm. I don't remember when I was born but I could never forget the aroma that filled the streets of Milan: it was Arabica, the most beautiful woman in all the world, the way she moved was soft and velvety, her perfume captivated all the gentlemen of the time and after her kiss the body felt an intense heat, a pure energy that was like gold. The sensation was so amazing that after it, no one could accept any less.

They courted her for a lifetime, all the romantic italians they chased her, now I can say that she has become mine….we carved our names on a tree in the tuscan countryside…Giorgio & Arabica.

This is my short story, it is the story of a romantic man in search of true love.




               * be romantic.


It's what's on the inside that counts


Our mission, passion and obsession is to delight all those who cherish the quality of life, through

our search for the best coffee nature can provide, enhanced by the best available

technologies and by our search for beauty in everything we do.



We take pride in being the world reference for coffee culture and excellence. Giorgio® is a

company innovating to create and offer the finest products throughout the world’s best

destinations, while demonstrating its character as the leader in the premium coffee segment.



Ethics. We create and share our commitment to improvement, transparency, sustainability, and

people development. Excellence. We aim to inspire throughout all Giorgio® touch points in

our value chain from bean to cup by creating extraordinarily good and beautiful experiences

and products as well as by working efficiently and with a sense of urgency in our quest to

always satisfy our customers’ needs and wishes.

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